What is a Cow Dog?

Pressure has been put on today's cattle producer to handle cattle in a low-stress fashion and timely manner. Doing so improves their profits by reducing the amount of shrinkage experienced from stressful handling and need for day labor from hired hands. Many cattlemen have filled this roll with working cowdogs for their wit, efficiency and stamina. Mr. Gary and Choc Ericsson shared that same vision when developing the Hangin Tree Cowdog.

Named after Mr. Ericsson's Ranch, the Hangin Tree Ranch, the Hangin Tree Cowdog was created to be the ultimate cowboy's cowdog. This dog is a cross of four breeds: Border Collie; Catahoula; Kelpie; and Australian Shepherd.

Hangin Tree Cowdogs were developed with the following attributes in mind:

+ A dog that can gather, retrieve, and herd.

+ Has the courage to stand up to and handle all types of cattle.

+ Intelligent and easy to train.

+ Short or slick haired with a thick, hardy bone structure to withstand extreme temperatures and environments.

+ A deep, wide-chest built for endurance.

+ A dog that will wind and trail cattle.

Using working cowdogs to handle cattle cuts down on the man hours needed while reducing the stress and weight loss cattle may experience. These gritty, sharp dogs have proven themselves to be an invaluable tool to today's cattlemen and women.

Visit the "Hangin' Tree Cowdogs" page on the Diamond J. Stockdogs website for more detailed information.

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Specializing in Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs and Cowbred Border Collies

Welcome to Diamond J Stockdogs! We breed, raise, and train Hangin’ Tree Cowdogs and cow-bred Border Collies to improve your cattle handling experience. Our goal is to produce hard-working, gritty companions that can be your hired hands.

Diamond J Stockdogs meticulously selects the best genetics from the nation to maximize our working dogs’ potential. Our dogs work on a private ranch in north central Texas on all classes of cattle, from wheat pasture to wooded thickets. Working our dogs on varied stock and terrain produces a proven, all-around dog. Our dogs must show stamina, intelligence, grit, and loyalty before entering our breeding program.

Please contact us and tell us what you are looking for. We want to match the right pup, started, and/or finished dog with the right outfit. Please visit our Facebook page and YouTube channel for more information and videos of our stock. Thank you for stopping by!

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