Customer Testimonials

“Diamond J Stockdogs has been one of the most impressive training experiences I have had. I grew up showing quarter horses and understand the aspects of training. However, I was new to using cattle dogs.

My husband and I sent our Hangin’ Tree to Jason and couldn’t be more ecstatic about the experience. Not only did he train our dog, Blue, to be prepared for multiple situations, but he trained her for the many that real ranches and farms see. The facilities were great. The set up had multiple environments that our dog learned before coming home. And useful ones at that. He also made sure that Blue was extra solid for the things we told him about our own farm. I needed her for daily chores while my husband worked out of town. My husband needed her for gathering and sorting. He made sure to have her dialed in for both of us and what we needed.

We went for 2 days to learn to use Blue. That is where the IMPRESSIVE part blew me away. He took two full days to answer the hundreds of questions this amateur had and made sure to let us practice every situation that we could think of. If you want to understand fully the concept and learn this, Mr. Jason Terrell is your guy. We watched him work other dogs as well and I’m sure he could make a Hangin’ Tree for most any ranch/farm situation. Superb program, lessons, and experience.

We desperately needed help at our farm and Jason helped give us the dog, knowledge, and confidence to do it. Won’t go anywhere else, lifetime customer. Hands down recommend him to anyone out there.

Thanks so much for all you have done for us, Jason!”

– Liz Campbell

“Jason Terrill, I could not be more pleased with all the work you did with Case. You exposed him to so many different situations while training him. Enjoyed the visit and breaking my cattle. You are a world of knowledge for anyone wanting a great ranch dog. Thanks Again My Friend.”

– Clifford Kingsley

“My wife and I can’t say enough about our experience with Diamond J Stockdogs. We were impressed watching Jason display his work with our dog, Zeus, he has come a long way. We also got to watch Jason work cattle with a few dogs in training as well as his own dogs. It was amazing to see the respect these dogs have for him. The facility and property were beautiful! We have already recommended Jason to a few people in Ohio. All around great experience, and we are looking forward to another great working hangin tree dog from Diamond J, in the near future.

Jason, thank you sir for your Texas hospitality and for a job well done with Zeus! ‘That’ll do.'”

Short Creek Cattle Co.
Chad Ferguson
Cadiz, Ohio

“Can’t say enough about Diamond J Stockdogs and Jason Terrell. I contacted him about a dog and explained our operation and he delivered. We were patient, didn’t rush into a dog, and it paid off. Belle is like having a four wheeler that can bite. We raise bucking bulls and she has the temperament and aggression to handle our operation. Jason brought us out to his place a couple time to see her and we were anxious to get her to our place the day we saw Belle. We can’t wait to see her offspring in the future. My advice to anyone wanting a good dog is to be patient and trust the process.”

⁃Cooper & Sons Cattle Co

“Being brand new to using dogs on my cattle, I wanted the best trainer I could find. After following up on a high recommendation from a very reputable dog trainer, I decided to ask Jason Terrell @ Diamond J Stockdogs to train my two Hangin Tree Cowdogs. I couldn’t be happier. He did a great job with my dogs. He has great facilities for both boarding and training dogs. I will definitely recommend Jason to anyone interested in getting their stockdogs trained.”

– Rickey Judd – Post,Texas (Rickey Judd pictured above – at right – with Jason Terrell)

​”Just wanted to say we bought one dog from Jason and he is unbelievable. Real ‘partner’ to my husband. Love him so much my husband is on his way home with another of Jason’s dogs. Thank you Jason for giving us the opportunity to own such well trained dogs! Now when fellow cattlemen in our area have trouble gathering cows they’re calling Carroll and Tonto to ‘save the day’!”

– Posted January 2018 (Customer Testimonial)

“We thoroughly enjoyed the clinic this past summer and evidently the dogs (Machu and Picchu) did too. They have run the cows away from the common fence with our neighbor and moved among the llamas hoping for a command to move them but the llamas are too old for much activity so we just by and away a lot. If you come back next summer, we would like to participate again.”

– Mary Mauz, Timberline Llamas

“About the time you think you’re a dog trainer, you meet one. And in my opinion Jason Terrel is “THE ONE”. A few years ago, I had a young HTC, RedKat, that was showing a ton of potential. At the time, I didn’t have the proper stock, facilities or know how, to get him to that next level. A friend of mine told me to check out Jason, at Diamond J Stockdogs. I was VERY hesitant to send Red clear across the country, but after a few phone conversations, I made the decision to send Red, to Jason. What impressed me the most, was Jason’s, quite, calm approach to his training program. He really gets a dog working WITH you, not FOR you. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only did Jason keep me informed on Red’s progress through out the training process, he continues his ” customer support” to this day. I can’t say enough about my experience with Jason and Diamond J Stockdogs.”

– Paul Lelinski, RAFTER P RANCH – Oakdale, WI